Fyzio Gym Cooper is a connection between physiotherapy, fitness and sport. Concept of our work consists in established criteria of physiological body-control and movement. Rehabilitation is provided by everyday movements and by specific movements of any sport. Therapy is always preceded by training, focused on regaining vigour into all activities. We are able to help you with removing your pain, acquiring right stereotypes in common movements, teaching the accurate technique for exercising and with regaining vigour. Provided all these operations we achieve optimization of body-control and elimination of risk factors. After this your body will be save with you.


Is a field that assesses, diagnoses, treats, and works to prevent disease and disability through physical means. It is a healthcare profession which affect physical comfort of body. Removes pain, regenerates physiological dynamics and stability, promotes mobility, function and quality of life.


The word fitness should mirror a physical fitness. Physical fitness is an ability of body to work together efficiently and restore energy.


Is a physical activity with determined rules which aim is to use, maintain and to improve physical ability and skills.

  • Would you like to lost weight and build up your body without overexertion?

  • Would you like to learn a bend which brace up your body?

  • Do you know that you can easily hurt yourself with wrong running technique?

  • Do you suffer by pain in back and joints?

  • Do you want to learn to exercise properly?

  • Would you like to advance your sport efficiency and avoid injuries?

  • Do you know how does properly done push-up look like?

  • Do you want to get back in shape after surgery?

  • Can you make a proper air squat?


Our team will take care of you. Our well-knit concept will help you to achieve your goal. We will design an individual plan of physical therapy suitable for you, based on a precise entry examination. We will lead you through whole process carefully and patiently, we will explain and teach you everything so you could better understand to your body and start to use it more effectively.



You will tell us your troubles, goals and requirements and we will introduce you our place and what are we able to offer. Consultations can take place in our place or can be done by telephone call.


Complex diagnosis of motion apparatus is starting line of our cooperation. We are talking about complete screening of your body. We test muscles and joints’ position – all in basal position and in move. We solve breathing and another fundamental and sport motion stereotypes. We investigate whether are basic exercises (air squat, push-up, pull-up, etc.) done properly. We search for the cause of pain, motion ban and injuries. We evaluate condition of skin, subcutis and fasciae. Therapeutic/training plan is built up based on carried diagnosis.


It is necessary to achieve ideal condition of soft fibres and joints at the first place. By using massages, soft techniques, specified and unspecified mobilization we try to achieve a motion in your joints and optimal muscle intensity. To achieve the stability in motion apparatus the physiologic mobility is a condition.


It keeps body in boundaries of physiologic motion range so no harms of fibres would be cause during motion. It is the essence for effective, meaningful and economic motion.


It is necessary for keeping an achieved mobility and stability. Human body deals with a lot of pressure every day. If body does not have strength to resist to those influences, it can easily succumb and create alternative motion stereotypes. These stereotypes have misshaping influence on body though and all your endeavour and energy which you put into training of mobility and stability became useless.

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